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Spring Menu Highlight: Baked Green Falafel

Spring Menu Highlight: Baked Green Falafel

If you’ve joined our rides, you know it’s about more than just the miles.

It’s about savoring: the physical challenge, the camaraderie, the country views and fresh air you can’t get in the city, and the post-ride shared mealtime.

Our menu is an ever-changing document, informed by what’s inspiring us right now, what’s in season, and what’s in the markets around us. 

Our Spring menu will debut this Sunday on our All Gravel ride, and will feature one of our favorites: baked green falafel. 
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Rock Creek Park Bike Ride Route in Washington, DC

3 Great Bike Rides in Washington, DC

If you’re new to road cycling—or to the Washington, DC, area—having these rides in your back pocket will come in handy.

Each of the following routes are under 3 hours and can be squeezed in on busy days. Need to get your weekly miles in or a find a specific kind of on-the-bike workout? These ride will keep your legs spinning throughout the season and help develop a range of road cycling skills.

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Chris Tank of the Bluemont Connection Cyclocross team, Washington, DC

Between the Tape: Team Bluemont Connection's 2016 Cyclocross Season

- By Chris Tank

"Go Team Sperry Top Sider!"

It only took a couple laps into the Men's 4/5 race on Day 1 of Charm City CX for some clever heckler to come up with that gem. But the kit was getting noticed and that's what it's all about, right?

The newly formed Bluemont Connection Cyclocross Team (#bccx) came together late in the summer of 2016, when a couple sophomore privateers and two newbs decided it would be fun to don matching kits and take on the upcoming season with all the Style and Grit™ we could muster. #crossiscoming... #crossiscoming... #crossiscoming...

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Gravel Riding: A Lust for Life

Gravel Riding: A Lust for Life

If your ideal road surfaces are as smooth as a roller skating rink and pancake flat, you can skip this post. You know how to get to Hanes Point. Looking for something a little more exciting? Keep reading.

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Monica McCollin in Road Cycling Apparel, in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC

The Birth of Cool... Lycra? Yes, We Said It.

The golden age of design in cycling gear is happening now. Boom! An explosion of creativity and passion has profoundly changed the world of cycling clothes for the better. Much better.

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