Our Story

The Idea

The seed for The Bluemont Connection was planted when our two co-founders, Idit Knaan and Eric Brewer, met, fell in love, and shared their passions: cycling and plant-based food.

Eric Brewer and Idit Knaan

He taught her to ride road bikes, helped her build endurance beyond her city commute, and somehow convinced her that wearing lycra once in a while will not make her a social outcast.

She taught him to enjoy kale smoothies; that done right, a salad can be a satisfying meal; and that cereal is not real food (the latter tested their blossoming relationship).

One January, when she tried an elimination cleanse, he joined her out of solidarity, only to discover that without gluten in his diet he could control his asthma—and be a stronger cyclist.

Later that year, armed with his newfound gluten-free diet and subsequent stronger lungs, Eric went on longer and longer rides outside of the DC metro area, and realized two things:

  1. Riding on these country roads is one of the best cycling experiences in our region—one that can be hard to access for the car-free or new to the area, 
  2. If you’re trying to get a fresh, gluten-free, mostly plant-based meal while out there, you’re mostly out of luck.

Road Cycling in Loudoun County, Virginia

And so The Bluemont Connection was born. 

What We Do

In 2018, The Bluemont Connection is transforming into something new. We're still sorting out what that something will look like, and we're having a blast through the process.

When we launched in 2016, we were all about road cycling and creating the most luxurious day-long road cycling excursions available in the DC area. 

Along the way, we made a lot of new friends, got into new things (we're looking at you, cyclocross!), discovered the beauty of gravel, and lately, we've been reconnecting with our co-founder's first love, mountain biking. 

We're still available for custom rides and classes. You can also catch us leading some of Rapha DC's gravel rides.

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