Ride Difficulty Guide

Difficult, moderate, easy. It all sounds so relative, so we've come up with some definitions to help you figure out which ride suits you.

Difficulty Rating 5: TOUGH/ Exhausting but enjoyable effort for dedicated riders

  • You’ve been putting in serious miles over the year at 150-miles per week on average
  • 50-mile rides during the weekends puts a big smile on your face.
  • You’ve done some climbing this season and your legs are about ready for anything
  • You love gravel roads, dirt roads, hills, descents, and know how to pace yourself over a 4+ hour ride. 

Difficulty Rating 4: PRETTY HARD/ A great workout for dedicated riders

  • You ride 100-125 miles per week
  • You've recently completed a 50+ mile ride.
  • Climbing doesn't scare you. You’ve got the right gearset.
  • You're comfortable riding on gravel and dirt roads. 

Difficulty Rating 3: MODERATE/ An easy spin for dedicated riders and a great workout for occasional weekend riders

  • You ride very frequently and about 50-75 miles per week.
  • You've recently completed at least a 30-mile ride before on a road bike. 
  • You feel comfortable on rural roads with light car traffic.

Difficulty Rating 2: EASY/A Walk in the park for dedicated riders, a nice spin for occasional weekend riders, and a really good workout for occasional cyclists

  • You ride on average about 25 to 50 miles per week
  • You’re recently completed a 10 mile ride
  • You feel comfortable on roads with light car traffic

Difficulty Rating 1: NOOB/Just starting out

  • You are a generally active person in fair physical condition (If you had to run full city block to catch a bus, you’d be just fine)
  • You’re about ready to find out why road cycling is becoming so popular
  • You’ve got good balance and generally feel pretty confident pedaling a bike.
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