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...The complete one stop shop for a full day of bicycling excursion—from the wholesome muffins and coffee in the morning, to the delicious meal after the ride as a celebration for the miles we rode.

—Mercedes F.


Something that particularly stood out for me was being able to ask any questions, and learned so much about road cycling, in an atmosphere that was fun and completely unintimidating. What Eric taught me about finding the correct gear has changed how I ride for the better, even when I'm just commuting a few miles.

The ride was a fantastic day exploring part of the Chesapeake Bay with calm, generous and knowledgeable cyclists. The perfect ending was being treated to delicious healthy food relaxing at a waterfront cabin. Eric and Idit created a personalized, carefully thought-out experience. They both radiate this genuine warmth and pure enjoyment in sharing their passions for bicycles and food.

—Sacha B.



I haven't stopped thinking about the incredible service and experience provided by The Bluemont Connection...everyone on the ride was incredibly supportive and I felt that I learned a lot not only about my own riding but also about riding with a group. The food and camaraderie provided after the ride could not have been any better...on scale of 1 to 10, this experience brought it to an 11.

—Veronica T.


The ride was stunningly beautiful!...This was horse and vineyard country and I remember thinking that it’s simply unfair that one region has so many beautiful roads thru so much beautiful scenery… Eric and Idit were attentive to us all, as if we were family, and provided SAGs and/or guidance when needed...I was most surprised and impressed by how the camaraderie built of a day of cycling extended to the poolside of the beautiful house that Eric and Idit had rented...a perfect setting to relax and watch the sun lower in the sky.

—Matt O.

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