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In 2019, The Bluemont Connection is transforming into something new.

We're still sorting out what that something will look like, and we're having a blast through the process.

When we launched in 2016, we were all about road cycling and creating the most luxurious day-long road cycling excursions available in the DC area. 

Along the way, we made a lot of new friends, got into new things (we're looking at you, cyclocross!), discovered the beauty of gravel, and lately, we've been reconnecting with our co-founder's first love, mountain biking. 

We're still available for private rides and classes, and you can also catch us leading some of Rapha DC's gravel rides.

Private Bike Tours

Starting April and as long as the weather allows, The Bluemont Connection offers expert-led private bike tours on some of the Washington, DC area's most scenic, exciting, and unbeaten country roads.

Our rides are designed for experienced road cyclists. If you're unsure what type of ride might be right for you, we're here to help. 

If you'd like us to plan a ride and meal that meets your and your friends' schedules and specifications, contact us at hello@bluemontconnection.com for availability and pricing.

Private Road Cycling Classes

For those interested in getting into the sport (or in giving a nice gift to the significant other/sibling/bestie you always wanted to get on the road with you), we offer private road cycling classes.

No bike? No sweat. We have a stable of cool, custom-built road bikes for rent, exclusively available for our rides and classes.  


Got a pressing bike question? Want to plan a private class or ride? Wondering how to get into Cyclocross? Need relationship advice? We're here for you:

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